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Understanding cookies and how they affect your use of the Mitsubishi Motors UK website

What is a Cookie?

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is either a baked treat or a small text file stored on a computer to enhance the website browsing experience in a number of ways by remembering things that you have done there in the past. Some simply record data such as visitor numbers, while others are designed to deliver a more personalised web browsing experience to enable web designers and marketers to understand their customers better.

Learn more about Cookies here.

Our approach to Cookies?

On our website you will always be informed when a cookie will be used and will have a chance either to opt out or not use the particular function that uses the cookie.

Look for this symbol Cookies symbol to tell you when a cookie will be used.

Our approach to Cookies?

We use a number of Cookies for different purposes throughout our website:

1. Session Cookies

These are cookies required to make our website function. They do not collect any data about you and are there only to ensure you have a stable experience.

Lifespan: These cookies are deleted when you leave our website.

2. Tracking Cookies

These are designed to collect anonymous information on your visit to our website and are used to help us improve it and monitor what works and what doesn’t. They are also used to follow your activity and determine when you might be interested in requesting a test drive or ordering a brochure. Tracking cookies are issued to you via third parties such as Google and Sophus3.

You can opt-out of all Google Analytics Tracking Cookies using an add-on for your web browser.

Google Tracking Opt Out

Lifespan: Two years.

You can opt-out of Sophus3 cookies by using their own opt-out options.

Sophus3 Tracking Opt Out

3. Site Selection Cookies

Our website serves slightly different versions of some pages, depending on the route you took to reach it. We use a cookie to enable us to serve you the right version, and remember any choices you have made (for example, your preferred Mitsubishi Dealer) when you visit us for a second time.

These cookies collect no information about you and are necessary to enable our website to operate.

Lifespan: Two years.

4. Third-Party Advert Tracking

Like most companies we advertise on other websites and use cookies to check whether these adverts are successful. When you see one of our ads, (for example on that website will serve you a cookie. If you then visit our website, the cookie will remember you have seen that ad and link it to any requests for brochures, test drives etc, you might make.

Google Advert Cookie Opt out

You can opt-out of all Google issued 3rd Party Advert Tracking Cookies using an add-on for your web browser.

Lifespan: Two years.

5. Third-Party Sharing Tags

To enable easy sharing we have code on our site that allows visitors to post information to Facebook and Twitter quickly. In addition, we have embedded videos from YouTube which track the number of people who watch them. These companies operate their own cookies which are outside of our control but which will only be activated if you click on the relevant Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links on our site.

For explanations of the privacy policies of these sites you can click the links below.

And that’s the way the Cookie crumbles...